Reflexotherapy application for canis digestive apparatus diseases treatment

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The Application of reflexogenic zones dynamic electrostimulation method (RZDE-method) for reflexogenic zones located in the area of abdomen in the projection of stomach, liver, spleen, duodenum, pancreas of canis with diagnosis of nonspecific aetiology gastroenteritis provides for clinical state improvement during 3-day period. The Application of RZDE-method results in biochemical activities changes during 5-day period and the changes reach the biochemical activities level of healthy canis till the end of the 10th day. RZDE-method is used for canis medical treatment with diagnosis of gastroenteritis and can be recommended for wide application.

About the authors

A A Kontsevov

Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology

Кафедра незаразных болезней; Московский государственный университет прикладной биотехнологии; Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology


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