Structural and functional reorganization spleen rabbit under stress and impact on the background “Gamavita”

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The paper presents the results of a study histostructure white pulp of spleen rabbit against a prolonged combined stress and its immunotherapy drug “Gamavit”. The use of the drug “Gamavit” under stress helps to activate the mechanisms of adaptation of animals, causing a reduction in the wall thickness of the central arteries, increasing the perivascular areas of large and medium-sized lymphoid nodules, as well as reducing space and rocket center of the mantle zone, but the increase in the marginal zone of the white pulp, which triggers a rise immune activity of spleen and confirmed a positive influence on the morphological and functional changes in the structure of the organ.

About the authors

T J Vishnevskaya

Orenburg State Agrarian University

Author for correspondence.
Department of morphology, physiology and pathology

L L Abramova

Orenburg State Agrarian University

Department of morphology, physiology and pathology


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