Expediency of application of ionization of air at cultivation of chickens-broilers

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In article data on influence of aero ionization on productive (meat) qualities of chickens — broilers cross KOOB-500, brought up in conditions vivifies of PSAA are resulted. Aero ionization was reached by application of the small-sized hardware block for artificial ionization of air developed under the direction of pro-fessor S.I. Kuznetsov. The negative ions received at a pressure 50 kilo voltage, force of a current 50 microampere and distance of 1 m up to skilled animals, pro-mote increase resistant an organism, has stimulating an effect on meat efficiency of chickens — broilers.

About the authors

E A Tsareva

Penza State Agricultural Academy

Author for correspondence.
Email: vore@list.ru
Department of biology of animals and veterinary science

S I Kuznetsov

Penza State Agricultural Academy

Email: vore@list.ru
Department of biology of animals and veterinary science

G A Vetoshkina

Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology K.I. Scriabin

Email: vore@list.ru
Department of anatomy and histology of animals




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