Morphological and biochemical indicators morfho-functional disturbances in a cals liver at early post-natal period

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Pathogenesis of occurrence morphofunctional disturbances in a liver of newborn calfs remains an insufficiently studied question. However, a number of researchers assume that damages in a hepatic parenchyma are connected with functional disturbances of bodies and the systems, as result of infringements during prenatal development. The carried out researches show, that infringement of function of a liver is shown by a wide spectrum of infringements of a metabolism and hemapoiesis which are reflected in biochemical and morphological indicators of blood.

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A V Shcheglov

Belgorod state agricultural academy

Кафедра морфологии; ФГОУ ВПО «Белгородская государственная сельскохозяйственная академия»; Belgorod state agricultural academy


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