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Human use of the land resources of the Russian Federation for the provision of social and financial aspects of life activity is a kind of anthropogenic impact on the component of the natural environment - land. The earth, being a natural object and a natural resource by virtue of Art. 4 of the Federal Law from 10.01.2002 No. 7-FZ “On Environmental Protection” is considered the subject of en-vironmental protection from pollution, depletion, degradation, spoilage, destruction and other negative effects of economic and other work. The data of the governmental ecological forecast show that the eco-logical state of land resources undergoing intensive anthropogenic influence tends to deteriorate. Problems of improving the ecological status of territories occupy an important place in modern state-wide land and environmental policies. The land as an object of immovable property is considered to be an object of protec-tion of property from violations of the legal procedure for the use of land (non-targeted use of land), viola-tions of the rights of participants in land relations (unauthorized occupation of lands, destruction of land boundaries, illegal disposal). Thus, government land control over the use and protection of the territory as a natural object, land resource and real property should be carried out by officials at the municipal level.

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V A Sinenko

RUDN University (Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia)

Author for correspondence.

Синенко Виктория Александровна - ассистент Агроинженерного департамента Аграрнотехнологического института Российского университета дружбы народов

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