No 4 (2012)


Some peculiarities of determination of toxity indicator in case of stabilizied burning of liquid in a room

Puzach S.V., Doan V’et Man’ -., Naumenko S.I., Pluschikov V.G., Fominykh Y.G.


Analysis of thermal gas dynamic conditions of conducting experiments to determine toxicity of combustion products in case of fire in a room was carried out. Mathematic models to calculate options of heat and mass transfer in characteristic small-scale and large-scale rooms was considered.

RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2012;(4):5-13
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Growth and development of Hamamelis virginiana L. under the introduction in the Main Botanical Garden

Gorbunov Y.N., Ermakov M.A., Levandovsky G.S., Shelepova O.V.


Optimum receptions of cultivation and biological features of plants of Hamamelis virginiana L. under the conditions of the Midland of Russia are revealed. Possibility of use of this species for the medicinal and decorative purposes is shown. Preconditions are defined and recommendations for creation of raw plantations are made.

RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2012;(4):14-22
pages 14-22 views

Involvement of membrane cytokinin receptors in the regulation of chloroplast genome transcription

Danilova M.N., Kudryakova N.V., Oelmüller R., Kusnetsov V.V., Kulaeva O.N.


By means of run-on transcription assay we studied the role of membrane receptors of cytokinin in the regulation of the chloroplast genes transcription in Arabidopsis thaliana. The results obtained showed differential regulation of the chloroplast genome transcription by cytokinin and the leading role of AHK3 in this process.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2012;(4):23-33
pages 23-33 views

Weeds response to the biocontrol agents in integration with reduced rates of herbicide

Zargar M.


Field experiment was conducted to study the biological agents efficacy in combination with reduced doses of new generation herbicide (Verdict) in four rates (0, 0,2, 0,3 and 0,5 kg/ha) to control weeds in winter wheat ( Triticum aestivum L. ), trial was laid out in a randomized complete block design with four replications at Moscow research institute of agriculture, Nemchinovka, Russia. Result indicated that recommended dose as 0,5 kg/ha in combination with biological agents was quite effective in reducing density and dry weight of Viola arvensis and Poaceae . Thus, intermediate Verdict rate as 0,3 kg/ha + biological agents also had appropriate effect in reducing dry weight and density both of V. arvensis and Poaceae . Stelaria media was affected and diminished by each three of treatments desirably compared to control.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2012;(4):34-40
pages 34-40 views

Influence of climate conditions and precursors on quality and yield of oats

Tonoyan S.V., Kiselev E.F., Afanaseeva V.K., Ziablova M.N., Bogdanov A.Y., Buneev M.P.


In work the material which characterizes influence of different climatic conditions of year (a temperature mode, a mode of humidifying) and various predecessors (pure, borrowed, grain) is presented on productivity and quality of grain of oats.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2012;(4):41-48
pages 41-48 views

Influence of modes of the drop irrigation on growth of the apple-trees in the garden of intensive type

Shuravilin A.V., Borodychev V.V., Krivolutskiy A.A.


The results of researches of the modes of drip irrigation and their influence on the productivity of the apple orchard in Gorodishchensky area of the Volgograd region are presented.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2012;(4):49-55
pages 49-55 views

Antimony in natural-technogenic conditions of the biosphere: water, soil, plants

Kubatbekov T.S., Aitmatov M.B., Ibraimakunov M.


Monitoring: the process of biogenic migration, transformation, accumulation of antimony in the water, soils, plants in the Kadamjai primary and secondary antimony biogeochemical subprovince (Kyrgyzstan), is determined by the species composition of the soil microflora and adequately assessed their condition.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2012;(4):56-60
pages 56-60 views

Effect of probiotic laktobifadol on morphofunctional parameters of the lambs

Gnezdilova L.A., Bataeva M.V.


The paper presents data on the effect of the drug on the performance laktobifodol clinical status of the Lambs, the biochemical and morphological parameters of blood, on the dynamics of change in their body weight. It is established that the use of laktobifodola positive impact on the stabilization of some biochemical parameters of blood and contributed to the increase of live weight of lambs in the experimental group compared to controls by an average of 1,5 kg.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2012;(4):61-64
pages 61-64 views

Micromorphology and endocrine function thyroid gland lactating female rabbits at endogenous introduction of various forms of selenium

Chekurov I.V., Abramova L.L.


The results of an experimental study of the effect of endogenous introduction of various forms of selenium on the morphology and endocrine function of the thyroid glands of lactating rabbits are submitted in the article.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2012;(4):65-73
pages 65-73 views

Morphology of mammary gland lactating goats in age aspect

Solovieva L.P., Remizova E.V.


A morphological study of the mammary gland of lactating goats held at the Department of anatomy and physiology of Kostroma SAA in 2010—2011. It is established, that the mammary glands are undergoing significant changes in age aspect.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2012;(4):74-80
pages 74-80 views

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