No 2 (2008)


Parameters of the state program of development of the agriculture and regulation of the markets of agricultural production of raw material and the foodstuffs for 2008-2012

Stepannikov V.A., Popov N.A.


Scale social and economic transformations to the country have led to essential changes in agrarian sector of economy. For years of reforms mid-annual number of the workers borrowed in an agricultural production, was reduced to 70%, has left 35% agricultural grounds , profitability of an agricultural production with 37 in 1990 was reduced up to 9,7% in 2006.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(2):5-10
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Plant growing: general characteristic in Republic Guinea-Bissau

Jarov A.N.


In article the modern condition of plant growing in Republic Guinea-Bissau is considered. The plant growing place in a national economy is considered also. Security is analyzed by the basic resources. The analysis of manufacture of the basic agricultural crops becomes, their productivity and areas under crops in 2000-2006 export and import of production of plant growing are considered.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(2):11-18
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Modern problems of agro industrial co-operation in Russia

Pizen golts V.M.


In this article is generalized some cooperation's application experience in Russian agro-industrial complex and there are given some offers for its developing.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(2):19-25
pages 19-25 views

Concerning the signs of Bauhinia L. species seeds' macrostructure

Pavlova M.E., Surkov V.A.


We have examined the seeds of 12 species of Bauhinia L. genus. We have proposed numeral signs of seed macrostructure. We have shown that they can be divided into two groups according to self-evident signs of seed macro- and ultrastructure. The obtained data can be used for classification of the genus.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(2):26-33
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The influence of different growing technologies of winter wheat varieties on the phytosanitary condition of plants

Borisenko V.K., Zaets V.G.


There are different by intensity technologies of winter wheat growing and their influence on the phytosanitary condition and crop capacity. It is shown the hi-intensity technology gives the harvest addition at 0,9 t/ha more than base technology.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(2):34-38
pages 34-38 views

Biological agents for plant protection against plant parasitic nematodes and other pathogens, and perspectives of their use in the 21st century

Romanenko N.D., Zaets V.G., Kozereva N.I., Popov I.O., Tabolin S.B.


Different strains of antagonistic bacteria and fungi have been actively tested for the last several years in order to discover their complex fungicidal , bactericidal and nematicidal activity in different plant communities and regions of Russia. This work is targeted for elaboration of environmentally friendly and energy-saving methods of plant protection. Bacterial strains of Pseudomonas and Bacillus, that possess not only fungicidal but also bactericidal and nematicidal effects, were revealed in the results of pot, laboratory and field experiments. These strains could regulate the number of virus-vector nematodes of Longidoridae and Trichodoridae and their associated viruses. Also, the strains could be shown to stimulate plant growth and high yield of different varieties of test-plants. They should be considered to be the natural regulators of the quantity and the distribution of parasites. This work was supported by grant RFFI 05-04-49237.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(2):39-51
pages 39-51 views

Oil seed rape protection system in the modern cropping technology

Shneider P.A., Zaets V.G., Dolgikh A.V., Sheina V.V.


The perspective of OSR planting in Russia is shown in this work. It's oil and cake are widely used in food and feed industries, as well as now OSR oil is also used as one of the renewable energy sources - biodiesel production. The description of crop protection products for OSR and the application technology are presented in this work. It is shown, that applying Syngenta products with the Syngenta technology against the complex of weeds, pests and diseases of OSR, the result in return of investment of minimum 3-4 thousands rubles and maximum 17 thousands rubles per 1 ha depending on the variety and climatic and soil conditions can be achieved.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(2):52-63
pages 52-63 views

The changes in the structure of erythrocytes under the influence of posttraumatic hypovolemia in dogs

Bazhibina E.B.


The following research is devoted to the study of the morphological and biochemical features of blood under conditions of hypovolemia due to multiple traumas of the pelvic limbs in dogs. The correlation between the changes of the structure of the erythrocytes under conditions of infringement of metabolism, tissue disintegration and redistribution of fluids and the biochemical indicators of the blood serum, which characterize the emunctory capability of the kidneys under conditions of hypoxia of the organ, was detected. A systemic approach has been presented in the article to the study of the processes occurring in the organism of dogs under the influence of posttraumatic hypovolemia. An exploration of the dynamics of the biochemical and hematological changes in the organism were carried out, giving the characteristics of the changes of the erythrocytes in the acute posttraumatic period. The dependency of the structural characteristics of erythrocytes from the degree of diminution of the volume of the circulating blood and the level of certain metabolites of the blood serum are presented. It has been established, that the development of prerenal insufficiency, which develops under acute hypovolemia, promotes the change in the structure and function of the erythrocytes, which, in turn aggravates hypoxia of tissues and organs.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(2):64-71
pages 64-71 views

Exudative fluids of animals (analytic review of the literature)

Strelnikova T.V.


В статье рассматриваются публикации, посвященные выпотам серозных полостей, их морфологическим и физико-химическим свойствам. Проводится сравнительный анализ взглядов различных авторов на распределение жидкостей полостей тела на транссудаты, модифицированные транссудаты и экссудаты. Исследуются критерии классификации выпотных жидкостей. Анализируется ситуация, сложившаяся с научными исследованиями в области диагностики выпотных жидкостей в медицине и в ветеринарии в России и за рубежом.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(2):72-85
pages 72-85 views

The age morphology of the skin integument of the urban dogs

Slesarenko N.A., Lisakova M.N.


Was made the research of the skin in 34 dogs at the age from the date of birth up to 10 years old (eight neonates, nine 3-4 months old puppies, eight 6-8 years old dogs and also nine 9-10 years old dogs). For the trials the specimens from different topographic and anatomical regions were selected and they were tested by histological methods according to the classical methods basing on the investigations made we can conclude that the skin is flexible and has high adaptive potentials. At the same time it has species specific features stipulated by the genetically fixed character of morphogenesis which determines construction peculiarities of the connective tissue in compliance with biomechanics requirements of the animal habitat.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(2):86-90
pages 86-90 views

Functional morphology characteristic of canine lumbar region of spinal cord

Slesarenko N.A., Obukhova M.E.


The research general characteristics studied and breed peculiarities of canine lumbar region of spinal cord structure which are connected with biomechanics of static locomotion activities. Wolf is considered a representative of natural norm of anatomic structure. And the research shows peculiarities of functional morphology of the studied canine region. Such breeds as alabay, borzoy and poodle are very close to wolf lumbar region structure.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(2):91-96
pages 91-96 views

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