To a question of influence of herbicides on the content of humic acids and heavy metals in soils

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Results of research of accumulation of Mg, Si, P, S, K, Ca, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn in the soil and humic acids are given in article. The method of the X-ray fluorescent analysis was used for an assessment of accumulation of chemical elements. Influence on humic acids of podsolic soil in the conditions of use of various fertilizers - mineral and organic, herbicides 2M-4HP (1,5 kg/ha) and 2M-4X (0,6 kg/ha) at cultivation of winter wheat was investigated in article. It is established that there is no change in the maintenance of elements depending on a way of introduction of herbicides, it isn't noted intensifications of processes of a mass transfer in the soil of heavy metals, pollution of agricultural production heavy metals is improbable at use of herbicides. As a part of humic acids on both systems of fertilizers there are no Mg and Mn, but there is S. It is possible to assume that magnesium and manganese are components of mineral part of the soil, and is gray, generally is a part of organic part of soils.

About the authors

V A Konchits

Institut of Agrochemisrty

Author for correspondence.

S L Belopukhov

Russian State Agrarian University


Кафедра физической и органической химии

T A Fedorova

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

Agrobiotechnologies Department


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