Effect of temperature on seed germination vegetable crops umbelliferae

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The effect of temperature during germination of seeds of some species of vegetable crops umbelliferae. The different cultures react differently to the temperature factor: change the number of days until the maximum rate of growth and percentage of germinated seeds. The effect of temperature on the growth of the embryo in the seeds of the studied cultures. Studied in different cultures. Was analyzed the “degree of underdevelopment of the embryo” (DUE), which characterizes the morpho-anatomical features of the embryo. The temperature coefficient (Q 10) for the rate of growth of the embryo umbrella vegetable crops.

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D N Baleev

All-russian Scientifically and Exploratory Institute of Vegetables

Author for correspondence.
Email: baleev.dmitry@yandex.ru

A F Buharov

All-russian Scientifically and Exploratory Institute of Vegetables

Email: baleev.dmitry@yandex.ru


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