Detection of genes associated with qualitative characteristics of gluten

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The research was aimed at analyzing allelic variants of protein in wheat varieties used in Iraqi bakery and evaluating these varieties via genetic source using grain quality selection. Variety tests were carried out at field experimental station of Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy. The analysis of wheat grain quality was made after harvesting in mid August. Allele state of genes controlling the quality of gluten in wheat grain was determined using the PCR method. Samples of Iraqi wheat varieties 12 (soft wheat) and One (durum wheat) are characterized by considerable variation of gluten content and quality. The five varieties whose genotype include an allelic variant of high molecular weight glutenins Glu-D1 5+10 and subunit Glu-A1-2* (Fateh, Tamuz-3, Abighreb-3, Iraq and Maxibak) were also studied. The highest gluten content was from 31.5 % in Iraq to 35.3 % in Fateh variety, while the gluten quality was not below the second group. Five varieties - Farah, AlMurug, Sham-6, Tahadi and Sabirbeg - had unusual combination of the allelic state of Glu-D1 2+12 (which is usually associated with low gluten quality) with a 2* subunit for the Glu-A1 locus, which determines the possibility of improving gluten quality to the wheat varieties.

About the authors

Nagham Majeed Al-Azawi

University of Baghdad

Author for correspondence.
Baghdad, Iraq

Ziyad Asmail Abed

University of Baghdad


PhD, Department of Field Crop Sciences

Baghdad, Iraq

Mohammed Al-Issawi

University of Al-Anbar


PhD, Department of Field Crops

Al-Ramadi, Iraq


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