No 2 (2015)


Evaluation of resistance of head cabbage hybrids to black rot disease

Vo Thi Ngoc Ha -., Dzhalilov F.S., Ignatov A.N.


The paper presents the results of a comparison of the reaction of commercial hybrids of cabbage infected by different methods and different strains of the black rot pathogen Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris. The influence of the infection method and strain on progress of pathogen in the plant was evaluated by statistical methods. The qualitative response of hybrids to infection by a number of the pathogen strains of different races was used to build a validated model of gene-for- gene interaction. It is shown that due to change of genetic structure of the pathogen in 2012, were previously resistant hybrids became susceptible to a new population of the pathogen.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2015;(2):7-15
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Selection combinations of primers for determining intervarietal and intravarietal polymorphism Glycine hispida

Romanova E.V., Kochumova A.A., Shmelkova E.O.


The article describes the experience of selecting combinations of primers for AFLP-analysis intravarietal and intervarietal polymorphism soybean accessions. During the experiment, has been tested 18 primer combinations. As a result, were selected 5 primer combinations, the most informative labeling for the soybean genome. Total detect 132 AFLP-fragments, of which 60 were polymorphic and characterized by individual genotypes varieties.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2015;(2):16-23
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Ontogenesis of Corydalis intermedia (l.) Merat in the “Bitsevsky forest” natural and historical park

Pavlova M.E., Istomina I.I., Terechin A.A.


The authors conducted a study of a cenopopulation Corydalis intermediate related to rare species included in the Red data book of Moscow. For the first time in Bitsevsky Park revealed extensive cenopopulations locus of this type, age range which is polnotsennym with a shift towards young individuals, indicating a promising population status of this species in this habitat.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2015;(2):24-32
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Disadvantages cartographic method of determining the coordinates as the causes of cadastral errors

Mikitin S.V., Dokukin P.A.


Mismatch the description of land boundaries actual location of land boundaries that in practice becomes the cause of many land disputes. Оften the only solution to such disputes is to appeal to the court.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2015;(2):33-37
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Methods of formation of system of the automated land use planning

Papaskiri T.V.


The article discusses the concept of the automated land use planning (SASPR - Land CAD system). Methodical approaches, structure, and building SASPR and its infor-mational, organizational, and functional software. And formulate the General theoretical principles and methodological principles for the creation of SASPR. In SASPR must be made uniform system solutions, which fully uses the resources and potential sources of im-provement of quality control and improvement of the organization of agricultural production and labor.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2015;(2):38-44
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Assessment of natural moisture of the Moscow region

Poddubsky A.A.


The results of studies on the natural heat-moisture Moscow region. The estimation of moisture indicators obtained by calculation methods proposed N.N. Ivanovym, GT Selyaninov M.I. Budyko and DI Checkers. It was found that the methods and N.N. Ivanova D.I. Shashko factors dampening allows set- heat-moisture content in the whole year, and during the warm period. Radiation balance by “index dry” heat-moisture content can be determined for the whole year, and according to the method G.T. Selyaninova - only for the warm growing season. In this favorable natural hydration is achieved while ensuring performance moisture of 75%, with lower rates of ensuring the moisture conditions are created to waterlogging, and at high rates are deficient in moisture. Moisture deficit, resulting from the difference between precipitation and evaporation occurs at security 80% per year and 35% during the warm period.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2015;(2):45-50
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Features of veterinary-sanitary examination of tropical and subtropical plant products

Seryogin I.G., Nikitchenko V.E., Titova N.K., Zyuz'ko O.I.


The work is devoted to veterinary and sanitary examination of tropical and subtropical fruits and fruit veterinary sanitary examination in diseases and defects, requirements for storage and sale in the markets and fairs.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2015;(2):51-59
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The veterinary and sanitary control for semi-finished meat products

Seryogin I.G., Abdullayev A.M., Nikitchenko D.V., Kulikov E.V.


Carried out monitoring studies of various semi-finished meat, studied animal health indicators of natural portioned semis (steak) manufacturing enterprises, and real-time installed in selected samples of semi-finished products of individual differences in terms of quality.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2015;(2):60-67
pages 60-67 views

The influence of gender, age, castration on young sheep slaughter figures kazakh-fat-tailed breed in the conditions of Kazakhstan

Kosilov V.I., Nikonova E.A., Kalasov M.B., Kubatbekov T.S., Rystsova E.O.


The article presents the results of a study of meat efficiency of young Kazakh fat-tailed breed grubosherstnoj. The object of the study were rams, valushki, Mutton studied breed. The obtained data and their analysis shows that intensive cultivation of rams, and valushkov yarochek improved the slaughter qualities, as evidenced by the increase in slaughter yield with age. Rams, and Mutton valushki Kazakh fat-tailed breed grubosherstnoj distinguished by high slaughter qualities. This determines its prospects of breeding for high biological value of meat - lamb.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2015;(2):68-73
pages 68-73 views

Features of development of the axial and peripheral skeleton of guinea fowls of white volga breed after the birth

Kulikov E.V., Sotnikova E.D.


When studying dynamics of body height and development of axial and peripheral departments of a skeleton of guinea fowls it is established that these processes happen in close interrelation with body height of alive weight and a skeleton of guinea fowls in general. At guinea fowls males in development after the birth the relative mass of an axial skeleton to the absolute mass of a skeleton decreases - from 27,17% (at daily age) to 26,19% (at the age of 365 days) while at guinea fowls females this indicator increases - from 25,46% (at daily age) to 29,08% (at the age of 365 days). On a similar index of a peripheral skeleton the inverse picture is observed. It is bound to egg efficiency at guinea fowls females (the axial department of a skeleton grows more intensively) and to meat efficiency at tsesarey-males (the peripheral department of a skeleton grows more intensively).
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2015;(2):74-80
pages 74-80 views

A comparative behavioral evaluation of the medicinal leech (Hirudo medicinalis) under different containing regime

Yousefichahardehi M., Nikishov A.A., Abtahi B.


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the distribution of the medicinal leech, Hirudo medicinalis, in the containers, type of motion in the water recirculating system, and to find the optimal frequency of exchange of water in this system. According to the results, there are found that the living conditions, created in the experimental group with a recirculation of water at the rate of 48 times a day, had the best positive impact on the welfare of the medicinal leech.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2015;(2):81-87
pages 81-87 views

Features of treatment of ornithosis at parrots

Troitskaya T.E., Sotnikova E.D.


The sharp form of ornithosis at parrots is followed by a hypothermia (38,0-39,9 °C), organism exhaustion and intoxications. Prior to treatment by antibiotics and prevention of a lethal outcome at treatment of birds applied the preparation “Temperin” which led to normalization of body temperature (40-42 °C) within 1-3 days. When using of the complex scheme of treatment of ornithosis developed by us efficiency (convalescence of a bird) reaches 60%, which depends on time of the request for the help and weight of a condition of a bird, the best result is revealed at the beginning of therapy within three days from emergence of the first symptoms of a disease.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2015;(2):88-94
pages 88-94 views

Organizational and functional lending model of sugar beet production in small farms

Shaporova Y.G.


According to studies the main recipients of funds from the consolidated budget for the sugar industry are medium and large agricultural organizations and processing enterprises. Small forms of agricultural organizations, peasant (farmer) farms, private farms remain outside the scope of attention from the federal and regional authorities. This article discusses the direction to stimulate domestic producers of sugar beet production by creating cooperative associations, as well as proposed and substantiated organizational and functional model of lending to small farms.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2015;(2):95-101
pages 95-101 views

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