No 3 (2008)


Estimation of manpower in Brazil and Venezuela

Jarov A.N., Nicolas Pierre Josef Mikko -.


In article the analysis of labour potential of two independent states of Latin America is carried out: Venezuela and Brazil. The number characteristic, population structures are given. Factors influencing its dynamics are considered. Number and structure of economically active population, distribution of number occupied on the basic sectors of economy are analyzed. Indicators characterizing the qualitative party of a manpower are considered.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(3):5-13
pages 5-13 views

About application of project management methodology in agrarian complex

Kuprava T.A.


There are shown the advantages, reasons and application stages of project management methods. Their introduction at the agrarian enterprises is evolutionary and cost-is-no-object process. The new activity orientation of agrarian complex information and consulting services on adaptation and introduction of project management methodology at the agricultural enterprises will promote successful realization of the future investment and innovative projects.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(3):14-19
pages 14-19 views

The signs of Bauhinia L. species seeds' structure to classification of the genus (Fabaceae Lindl., Caesalpinioideae Kurth.)

Pavlova M.E., Surkov V.A.


We have examined the seeds of 12 species of Bauhinia L. genus. We have proposed numerical signs of seed macro- and microstructure. We have shown that they can be divided into two groups according to self-evident signs of seed macro-, micro- and ultrastructure. The obtained data can be used for classification of the genus.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(3):20-29
pages 20-29 views

The influence of bacteria-antagonists on development of symptoms of the basic illnesses of a tomato in the protected ground

Vinogradova O.V., Surkova T.A., Zaets V.G.


The purpose of the given work consist in studying effective and ecologically safe measures of protection from the major diseases of a tomato in the protected ground. The estimation of development of symptoms of withering at plants of a tomato of hybrid Kunero F1 is given at processing by bacteria-antagonists and inoculation Clavibacter michiganensis. It shows the inhibitory influence of isolants of bacteria-antagonists on Bothrytis cenerea and Fusarium sp.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(3):30-36
pages 30-36 views

Liticaseґs study as a new antimicotic means

Sachivkina N.P., Kravtsov E.G., Wasileva E.A.


There are some results of laboratory research of commercial preparation Lyticase, as new antimicotic means in the article. During research it was found out that the given preparation reduces optical density of test culture Candida albicans to 53%; brakes adhesion of a mushroom on vaginal epithelial cells of the healthy woman; stimulates candidal tubes constitution and does their more accessible for phagocytosis.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(3):37-43
pages 37-43 views

Influence of ways of the basic processing and mulchiring on security the moisture of crops of corn

Ananichev D.V.


In work the information on productivity of agricultural crops in conditions by security a moisture is resulted. It is informed, that reception of high and stable crops probably by application of ways of the processing providing accumulation and a rational expenditure of a moisture. It has been carried out research on studying various ways of processing of ground and mulchiring on efficiency of corn on a silo. With interesting variants the scheme is developed for deep studying the put questions. The Significant amount of deposits for the two first years month provided maintenance of humidity of ground within the limits of optimum values. Mathematical processing of dependence of size of productivity from annual quantity of deposits is lead. The difference in stocks of a moisture between variants of experience has decreased, but, nevertheless, a little bit more it was kept on allotments with mulchiring. Absence of rains has led to full loss of an accessible moisture, and even to a part of a dead stock in an arable layer during cleaning by all variants of experience with that only a difference, that on variants with mulchiring losses were three times less. Thus, low stocks of a moisture in ground by time of crop, the hot and dry summer was reflected in productivity of corn. It is informed, that especially contrast distinctions in a year were at a drain of thawed snow. The expenditure of an accessible moisture during vegetation of corn in many respects was defined by putting weather and climatic conditions of concrete year.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(3):44-51
pages 44-51 views

Past action of long standing irrigation by animal sewage on yields of perennial grass and it's quality

Shuravilin A.V., Merecuryev V.S., Mikhaileva T.A.


Results of research of long standing. Us ages of animal sewage as organic manure. Show that in comparison to the control (without sewage) yields of green mass of perennial grass has increased from 19,5 T\ha to 48,30T\ha. Accordingly with their usages for 3 and 20 years. Past action of long standing irrigation by sewage, increasing the yield of perennial grass, does not decrease it's quality.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(3):52-57
pages 52-57 views

Nitrates and nitrites in production vegetative

Kojka S.A., Skorikov V.T.


In spring the years period all vegetable production contains a plenty of nitrates. Therefore there is a necessity to establish a way of its hit and reduction of concentration to a plant. In work the main reasons and features of accumulation of nitrates and nitrites in crop are shown production. Maximum permissible concentration and their toxic influence on an organism of the person are given. In work as the basic ways of reduction of the maintenance of nitrates and nitrites in production.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(3):58-63
pages 58-63 views

Increase of the production efficiency of production of animal industries in the Kirghiz Republic

Zakirov A.Z., Mamaev S.S., Kubatbekov T.S.


In given clause the condition, and ways of increase of a production efficiency of production of animal industries of the Kirghiz Republic as it is the important branch of an agriculture giving about half of his gross output is considered.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(3):64-69
pages 64-69 views

Morphology of mammary gland in doggesses during lactation period

Pyshnenko N.I., Solovieva L.P.


Mammary gland morphology studies were carried out on 12 lactating doggesses at the age of 2-8 years old at the Departament of Animal Anatomy and Physiology of Kostroma Agricultural Academy in 2006-2008. The mammary hillocks forming the multiple gland have been found to vary in macro- and microscopic parameters during lactation. The morphometric charasteristics of groin and abdominal mammary hillocks are 1,5 times as high as those of cranial ones.The parenchima-stroma ratio is an interior characteristic of mammary gland determining its functioning.The proportion of connective tissue to glandular tissue is 1 to 2 in the groin hillocks, 1 to 1,5 in the abdominal, and 1 to 0,7 in the cranial ones. Alveola are lined mostly with cubic, and also cylindrical and flat epitelium.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(3):70-77
pages 70-77 views

Distribution of illnesses of oral cavity at dogs

Frolov V.V.


In clause the data, distributions of various illnesses of oral cavity concerning a question at dogs are presented. The comparative estimation of a percentage parity of illnesses dental the device is given. Most strongly illnesses so-called dental formations and paradonta prevail. In an insignificant degree there are illnesses of an atrophy of alveolar shoots and caries.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(3):78-81
pages 78-81 views

Restoration and preservation of the european population of the saiga in conditions of the Republic of Kalmykia

Arylova N.J.


Alongside with other nature protection actions devoted to restoration of natural ecosystems by a Decree of President of the Republic of Kalmykia in 2000 the Centre of wild animals of the Republic of Kalmykia has been created. One of goals of the Centre is captive breeding of saigas for the further introduction them to natural habitats and also preservation of a genepool and establishment of breeding stock. Currently there are more than 100 saigas of different sex and age contained in open-air enclosures (100 hectares of the fenced natural pastures) in branch of the Centre «Yashkylskiy» on Yashkul administrative district of Kalmykia. Staffs of the Centre jointly with specialists from other nature protection organizations, the scientific research institutes and high education schools carry out various projects on study and conservation of saiga.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(3):82-86
pages 82-86 views

Macromorphology pancreas at the maral, dappled deer, elk and roe

Ryadinskaya N.I.


Pancreases of four representatives of animal's subfamily present deer are investigated. Organ has got analogous anatomymapping texture, and it has absence accessory ducts. Assinchrontrial of line survey lobes of pancreas, difference on prime, various consistence and presence epiploon's hillock of dappled deer are specific peculiarity.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(3):87-90
pages 87-90 views

The development and use of highly effective methods of control of food production

Plushikov V.G., Nikitchenko V.E., Nikitchenko D.V.


The development of innovative methods of study and control of food production is priority trend of the development of biological safety of our country. One of the contemporary methods of effective qualitative control of food production is the gas-liquid chromatography method.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2008;(3):91-93
pages 91-93 views

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