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RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries

Editor-in-Chief: Vadim G. Pliushchikov, PhD, Professor

Indexation: Russian Science Citation Index (, Google Scholar, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, CABI, WorldCat, Cyberleninka, East View, DOAJ, Dimensions, EBSCOhost

Open Access: Open Access. Founded in 2006 г. Publication frequency: quarterly.

Peer-Review: double blind. APC: no article processing charge.

ISSN: 2312-797Х (Print) ISSN: 2312-7988 (Online)

PUBLISHERPeoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University)


"RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries" is intended for publication of the results of fundamental and applied scientific research of Russian and foreign scientists (Agriculture) in the form of scientific articles, reviewing scientific materials, scientific reports, bibliographic reviews on certain topics of scientific research, historical information on figures of Russian and foreign science. The journal can publish materials whose scientific value and suitability for publication is estimated by the editorial board of the journal based on the results of peer review.

Chief editor of "RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries" - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Director of the Agricultural and Technological Institute of the Russian Peoples' Friendship University Vadim Plyuschikov.

The composition of the Editorial Board consists of Russian and foreign experts who have made a significant contribution to the development of agriculture.

The journal is on the list of periodicals, which are recommended by the Highest Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation for the publication of abstracts of dissertation research.

You can subscribe to printed issues of the journal in any post office (the agency directory "Rospechat") or in the RUDN publishing house.

Since 2008 journal editions in abstract-bibliographic and full text form are available (Open Access) on the journal website and in the database of the Russian Science Citation Index on the platform of the Scientific Electronic Library

Focus and Scope, Cection Policies, Requirements for accepted articles , peer review rules , history of the Journal and other additional information are available in the relevant sections of this site.



The journal is the winner of the contest of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia for state support


RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries, according to the results of the competition of the ministry of education and science of Russia selected among 70 russian journals that will receive state support for the implementation of the program of development and promotion of the journal in the international scientific space https: //xn--80aafbngeja7auoph0at.xn --p1ai / journals / perechen70.

Posted: 19.05.2019
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Current Issue

Vol 14, No 3 (2019)

Physical and chemical analysis and biochemical composition of amaranth introduced in Dagestan
Magomedmirzoeva R.G., Gins M.S., Dadashev M.N.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2019;14(3):185-195
Genetics and plant breeding
Detection of genes associated with qualitative characteristics of gluten
Al-Azawi N.M., Abed Z.A., Al-Issawi M.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2019;14(3):196-208
Crop production
Effect of combined use of fertilizer and plant growth stimulating bacteria Rhizobium, Azospirillum, Azotobacter and Pseudomonas on the quality and components of corn forage in Iran
Naserzadeh Y., Nafchi A.M., Mahmoudi N., Nejad D.K., Gadzhikurbanov A.S.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2019;14(3):209-224
Nutritional value of vegetable Amaranthus tricolor L. seedlings grown in Moscow region
Sergiev I.G., Todorova D.A., Gins V.K., Motyleva S.M., Gins E.M., Moskalev E.A.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2019;14(3):225-238
Soil science and agrochemistry
Geospatial analysis and assessment of garden soil contamination in New York City
Paltseva A.A., Cheng Z.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2019;14(3):239-254
Veterinary science
Assessment of vital organ histopathology and plasma oxidative conditions of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss reared in earthen saltwater pond
Hoseini S.M., Gharavi B., Iri Y.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2019;14(3):255-265
Galactooligosaccharide effects as prebiotic on intestinal microbiota of different fish species
Hoseinifar S.H., Doan H.V., Ashouri G.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2019;14(3):266-278
LC50 determination and intoxication symptoms of a new pyridine carboxamide pesticide Flonicamid on common carp Cyprinus carpio
Ghelichpour M., Mirghaed A.T., Jimenez A.P.
RUDN Journal of Agronomy and Animal Industries. 2019;14(3):279-288